Sep 1, 2010

Im SORRY =.=' hmm ,
Im sorry but i LOVE you ,
Im sorry but i HAPPY without you ,
Im sorry to say this , its truth (!)
I love you so much (!) huh .
you know what ?
i still love YOU , i dont why i STILL love YOU :((
In same time , i Hate you like hell yahh but i love you so muchh .
people say , angry say LOVE but hate say MISS ? its really ? ohh no , wahha . mybe *
i want LOST my feeling to you (!) Its waste time to thinking about you anymore .
you even dont appreciate me at all .
what i want you know ? do you want to know it ! i want to HATE you ! yahh (!)
hate you so muchh !
Its hurt me so much , you dont know what i feel right ?
 yahh , because you're selfish boy , dont thinking other person , and Im crying when i thinking about you , memories without you even thought you're far away , but I know that I'm strong , strong than anythingg .
I want you be mine (!)
But I know . . .
you already find another girl ? huh
Wahha , thats pretty good .
I dont know why i cant find another boy same like you , you're different , HAHA .
oh yahh ? you're everything to me and i able to do anothing for you dear ? ecehh , jgn harap '' HAHA , and i know i not fit to you , you better than other boy ? perasan =='
I'll try to find other boy and most BETTER than you , i HOPEE you takecare yourself yahh ! thanks everything , imissyou :(

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